"My goal is to help both athletes & non-athletes 
return from pain & injury to function normally 
again in their everyday lives."

My interest in therapeutic massage came as a result of helping my mother to heal from a broken back when I was young. I would massage her back to help relieve her pain.  I witnessed first-hand how the power of touch could provide natural relief for people’s pain and injuries.  I’ve also personally experienced injury as a runner & understand the challenges of healing. This experience helps me in working with clients with similar injuries.

      My clients are varied:
  • Moms carrying babies
  • UPS drivers lifting heavy objects
  • Athletes training for triathlons
  • Musicians with repetitive stress injuries 

Whatever the client's walk-of-life may be, I will work hard to help them on the road to recovery & healing. Massage therapy is a powerful tool for people's recovery, whether for serious injury or for the simple stresses of everyday living.

I’ve worked independently out of Dr. Brian Bigelow’s chiropractic office for over 18 years and currently now share an office with Carol Pelletier NP DNP. The professional relationship we share has been invaluable & has advanced my knowledge of the structural & mechanical functions of the body.  This knowledge directly translates to the effectiveness of my work on the table.
Credentials & Training

  • 1995-1996 - New England Academy of Therapeutic Sciences
           Massage therapy training​

  • 1996 - State of NH LMT
           Licensed Massage Therapist  #0959M​

  • 1996 - American Massage Therapy Association

  • 1996 - National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork  National Certification

Other creative interests....

I sing lead vocals in a local cover band 
called "The Slakas."  
We are a 5-piece, Nashua-based, 
cover band playing classic/modern rock,  
at local venues & events
 in the southern NH area.  

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​My parents introduced me to astrology & 
its practical use in our everyday lives as 
a tool for self-discovery.

  I have witnessed it's powerful ability to 
help people gain understanding & clarity 
about events & relationships.